Best Walk-In Tubs for Seniors in 2022

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Top 10 Highest Ranked Walk in Bathtubs for 2022

Walk in tubs often make bathing easier for seniors and for individuals with limited mobility. There are a variety of sizes of walk in tubs, each with its own style and features.

Pricing varies, based on several potential factors, including the manufacturer, the company that installs the tub, size and optional features, and other possible factors that you and the representatives of the companies discuss when you talk to them about installing a walk-in tub.

The advantages of having a walk-in tub installed possibly means the difference between falling or experiencing another injury in the bathroom and feeling safer getting into and out of a tub. Seniors and others that need a tub with wheelchair or other mobility aid accessibility have options with today’s walk in bathtubs.

Discover why these top 10 highest ranked walk-in bathtubs for 2022 made the list and decide which is best for you or your senior loved one.

How We Chose Our Top List

Shopping for a walk-in tub? It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the styles, features and tech, etc. So our experts rolled up their sleeves and got to work researching walk-in tubs from top to bottom. Our top 10 list covers everything from ease-of-use, equipment, service and response, pricing, you name it. You’re one step closer to stepping into the perfect tub for you or your loved one.

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What Are Walk-In Bathtubs?

Walk in bath tubs are tubs that an individual walks into and closes a door behind them, rather than stepping over the entire height of the bathtub when getting into and out of the tub. There are a large variety of walk in tub models with an exceptional array of features, depending on the manufacturer, model and optional features.

The airtight entrance door allows the senior to relax in a walk-in tub and not worry about water leaking onto the floor, potentially causing a slip or fall injury. The senior enjoys soothing, therapeutic benefits such as hydrotherapy and chromatherapy, while seated in their tub, which often meets ADA compliance standards.

Important safety features like grab bars, textured floors, and anti-scald valve increase the comfort and confidence of seniors when bathing, while increasing independence.

If I Buy a Walk-In Tub, Will It Be Shipped and Installed?

Some companies manufacture and ship their own walk in tubs and have specific professional installers that they use when an individual purchases a walk-in tub. Some other walk in tub manufacturers sell their products exclusively at retailers, likely leaving delivery arrangements and hiring an installer to the customer.

When a company ships the walk-in tub, seniors need to make sure they understand the company’s delivery policy. Some shippers possibly bring the walk-in tub inside the home, while others leave it at the curb, meaning the senior has the responsibility of moving it into the home.

Why Should Seniors Consider a Walk-In Tub?

Seniors need a walk-in tub for several reasons. Walk in tubs increase independence, reduce the risk of falls and other injuries and provide a therapeutic, soothing bath experience.

Walk in tubs typically take up no more space than a traditional tub. When a senior that uses mobility aids or decides to purchase a wheelchair accessible walk in bath tub for other reasons, the tub itself, along with additional safety features likely provide the ability to bathe in comfort not otherwise enjoyed prior to the walk-in tub purchase.

When you want improved independence, a spa-like bath experience at every bath and important safety features, a walk-in tub is potentially a life-changing purchase.

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